Technical Services

Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Company was established originally as a Microscope and Optical Equipment Repair Company in 1945. 65 years later the Seiler Precision Microscope division of Seiler Instruments and Manufacturing Company has continued this practice of repair and service.

Seiler provides microscope products that are utilized in many market segments including Manufacturing, Medical, Art Restoration, Dental, and Crime Prevention. Most of the products are utilized in doctor’s offices, laboratories, veterinarian clinics, surgery centers, and dental offices around the world.

The Repair and Service Center provides technical support and product repair services for the Seiler line of microscope products. These products include:

  • Surgery Microscopes
  • Compound Laboratory Scopes
  • Colposcopes
  • Surgical Loupes
  • Dental Microscopes
  • ENT Micrscopes
  • Dental Stools