Q1.What is the least expensive colposcope you distribute?

Our 935 Colposcope with three magnifications and two lamps is our least expensive colposcope.


Q2. What is the difference between Brightfield and Darkfield?

With Brightfield, the normal image is seen through a microscope whereby the specimen appears dark and the background is bright. It is used mainly with stained slides. A brightfield microscope is the type most ordinarily used in the doctor’s office or small lab. Darkfield is a contrasting technique whereby the specimen, as seen through a microscope, appears bright and the background is dark. It is used to observe objects that are thin or transparent and difficult to observe under normal brightfield conditions.


Q3. I noticed that the different microscopes have different types of objectives. What’s the difference?

Achromat: a term that describes a type of objective lens used on a microscope. Simply stated, an achromat lens is the least expensive lens, whereby the field of view (circular image seen through a microscope) shows 80% of the field in focus, and the remaining 20% of the periphery is out of focus or fuzzy. A microscope with achromat objectives is the most often used microscope in a small lab or physician’s office.

Semi-planachromat: a term that describes the same as above except the flatness of the image is more noticeable because the field of view is 90% in focus, and only 10% of the periphery or outer edges is out of focus.

Planachromat: same as above except the entire field of view is flat and in focus, from the center to the outer edge. Prices of planachromats are higher than both achromats and semi-plans.

There are other factors that differentiate objective lenses such as color correction and lens elements, however the above comparisons are the most important.


Q4. What is the least expensive office microscope you distribute?

The SeilerScope (SXS 820).